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Box For Roses with A Personal Touch To Add Sophistication To Your Gift
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Box For Roses with A Personal Touch To Add Sophistication To Your Gift

Roses of different hues signify different feelings, and they have traditionally been given on occasions like weddings, parties, celebrations, achievements, Valentine’s Day, sympathy, get well soon, just because..., and more. There cannot be a better gift than the suede box of roses delivered straight to the doorsteps of your loved one, with a touch of luxury. Our box of roses isn’t just any other floral arrangement, rather it’s an epitome of indulgence and luxury, letting you appreciate them for a long time. Our preserved box of roses can have roses in different hues and different numbers as per your choice, and it will last for up to a year. Roses are preserved to maintain their beauty and tenderness for years. The roses are carefully selected and picked in full bloom, which are then preserved to make their beauty last for longer. 

You can choose from a wide selection of boxes for roses at Fleurty Roses, and you will find something that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetics. You can choose the number of flowers you want in your box for roses, be it one, two, three, five, nine, or more. The size of the box for roses varies based on the number of roses and flower arrangements in it. Furthermore, you can arrange your luxurious roses in several assortment ideas, and opt for a color scheme from light to dark colored roses, or multicolor roses. Whether you plan a date, a night full of romance, or want to remind your loved ones how much you care for them a box of roses is the perfect gift that you can give to your loved one. 

 Different Types of Roses  

Roses are usually categorized as Old Garden Roses, Wild Roses, and Modern Garden Roses. Old Garden Roses have notably strong-scented fragrances and only bloom once per season. Wild Roses typically have a single bloom with a five-petal flower. On the other hand, Modern Roses have a continuous bloom, and also have a larger bloom size. Roses can also be divided into other categories like mini flora roses which are a shorter and more compact form of hybrid tea or grandiflora roses with equally compact flowers. Hybrid tea rose features large ornate blooms with 30 to 50 petals budding off of long stems. Grandiflora roses can be regarded as a subgroup of hybrid tea roses. These tall horses appear in clusters rather than individually on stems. 

Hand Picked Collection of Roses 

Our hand-picked collection of roses is arranged in attractive patterns in the box for roses that will win the heart of the receiver. The luxurious display of our roses has exceptional detailing, so you can be sure that the receiver will remember you for your lovely gift. Whether you want to select from our pre-designed floral arrangements or want to create your own design, our florists at Fleurty Roses will be happy to design a custom floral arrangement for you. Our suede box of roses will add a touch of glamour and elegance to your box for roses. You can personalize your gift with a box of roses from our gracious suede rose box collection.



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