How to Care for Preserved Roses

Unlike fresh or dried flowers, our gorgeous preserved roses are an effortless alternative. With the correct care and maintenance, they will last as long as 365+ days! Follow these simple steps to ensure that your preserved rose box stays in tip-top condition:

  • Do not water the roses, as any liquid will damage them. Remember: They are not alive even though they look like they are!
  •  If dust collects on the petals, gently clean them with a soft duster or stream of dry air.
  •  Store the roses at room temperature in a humidity-free environment. If you live in a coastal or rainy area, you should keep them away from places where air enters.
  •  Do not expose the roses to direct sunlight. If you’d like to prolong the life of the roses for even longer (up to 3 years), do not place the arrangement directly in sunlight. UV light may compromise their colour.
  • Do not bend, press, or place anything on top of the roses, as they are very delicate and can be damaged easily (handle them in the same way you would a fresh bouquet!).
  • Do not remove the roses from their box—they are happy and secure there.

Please note that we will include the same set of guidelines with every purchase. If your loved one can stick to them, they will be able to enjoy their gorgeous gift for as long as possible!