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Gift A Huge Box of Preserved Roses for Everlasting Memories
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Gift A Huge Box of Preserved Roses for Everlasting Memories

Flowers are among the prettiest things on earth, they come in various hues, shapes, and sizes. Different flowers and flower colors signify different meanings. Roses are among the most popular ones that are picked for gifting. A red rose represents passion, love, and romance. Its passion is more profound, and love is more intense. A deep red rose is a symbol of courage and admiration. Pink roses have cuteness attached to them. If you want to gift a huge box of roses from Fleurty Roses, a popular arrangement are pink roses with the medium pink suede box. 

Yellow is the color of delight and joy, and creates a feeling of warmth and joy in the receiver. If you want to participate in someone’s joyous moments, or want to convey how happy you are with them, gift them a huge box of roses of yellow color. If you want to thank them for the positivity they have brought to your life, a huge box of roses in a yellow hue would be the right choice for you. 

Roses Are Available In Many Unique Colors 

Many people think that roses are available in 3-4 prime colors, like red, yellow, white, and pink. However, there are numerous hues of roses, some are rare ones, like lavender. Our collection of huge box of roses in lavender color is perfect to gift someone who holds a special place in your life. A white rose signifies integrity, purity, and innocence. It’s usually associated with new beginnings, that’s why a huge box of roses in white makes for an ideal gift for brides, and is used in wedding ceremonies across various cultures.

Number Of Roses In The Gift Box Matters 

The number of roses in the box also has its own meaning. For example, if you have fallen in love at first sight, a single rose is perfect to convey this. This modest gift is great for a surprise that brings a couple closer together, and adds some romance and excitement to a relationship. Two roses can be given to a couple who has establishes a harmonious relationship based on love and respect for each other. Nine roses can be bestowed on your partner on anniversaries. Five roses are appropriate for planned events, such as date night.  A huge round medium box of roses is specially designed for Valentine’s Day. So your partner your unconditional love by giving him or her a huge box of roses. An impressive arrangement of 50 roses in a huge box of roses will show your boundless love for your partner. An arrangement of roses in the huge square box will show the depth of love you have for your partner. 

Fleurty Roses offers huge box of roses in various shapes, like round and square. The preserved flowers in our huge square box of roses are specially treated to keep their tenderness and beauty for up to three years. Our suede rose box collection contains a stunning arrangement of preserved roses that are handcrafted to perfection by our expert florists.



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