Where Natural Beauty Meets Longevity

Roses are an embodiment of some of our strongest feelings: love, passion, and admiration—to name a few. When words aren’t enough, gifting beautiful blooms is the ultimate way to convey these powerful emotions to your loved one. But freshly-cut flowers are fleeting and fragile, so how do you hold onto the memory of some of life’s most momentous occasions?  

 Fleurty Roses has the solution. Our luxurious preserved rose boxes are made to endure the test of time, prolonging these precious moments for as long as possible. They combine the timeless beauty of a rose with longevity and the lingering memories of a special event. 

Carefully cultivated on our boutique rose farm, our preserved roses begin their journey in Ecuador where they are responsibly grown by skilled florists. They are then cut during their peak state and preserved to perfection using plant-based wax.

Neatly packaged in suede and silk, their romantic voyages end in the hands of lucky recipients around the world. Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal, a milestone anniversary, or a romantic Valentine’s Day gift—Fleurty Roses would love to be part of it!