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Gift Best Quality Preserved Rose Boxes As A Reminder Of Celebrations, Love, And Appreciation
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Gift Best Quality Preserved Rose Boxes As A Reminder Of Celebrations, Love, And Appreciation

Many people think that preserved roses are artificial roses, but nothing could be further from the truth. These are real boxes, these are cut fresh at the peak of their bloom, and preserved with a 100% natural and plant-based preservation solution. Preserved roses differ from dried roses also, which are dehydrated. Dried roses are also not long-lasting, because if they are moved or accidentally bumped, you will have more of a mess, rather than a bouquet. On the other hand, preserved roses are specially treated to keep their tenderness and fragrance, and nicely packed in a roses gift box that you can present on any occasion. 

Preserved rose box can be given on any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, celebration, or other event. At Fleurty Roses, find a variety of premium roses that you can use as novelty gifts for any occasion. The florists at Fleurty Roses have crafted a variety of arrangements in their box for roses, you can choose the one that suits the occasion. As the roses have been preserved in their pristine beauty, the preserved box roses can last from one year to three years with proper upkeep and maintenance. Fleurty Roses has premium roses in a diverse range of colors, finishes, and arrangements for you to choose from. 

Suede box of roses 

Suede box collection of preserved roses from Fleurty Roses will let you add a touch of glamour and beauty to your life and celebrations. Surprise your partner, friend, or love one with a personalized gift of suede roses gift box that have a flawless beauty, delicate texture, and sweet aroma. The suede box collection of premium roses available at Fleurty Roses includes the below:

  • Single Rose Box
  • Nine Rose Box
  • Round Medium Rose Box
  • Square Large Rose Box

Premium roses come in a variety of colors that have different meanings. Here, we have described some premium rose colors and their meanings:

Red Roses: Red represents romance, love, and beauty. Considered as a quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, red preserved box roses are a perfect gift for anyone you are in deep love with. Dark red roses represent humility or unconscious beauty. Gift a box of red premium roses to express how much you care and love someone when words are not enough. 

White Roses: White signifies purity, innocence, and trust. Also referred to as bridal roses, white roses are associated with new love and enduring loyalty. White roses gift box represents a fresh start and unending love. Use a white box for roses to thank a friend, or a loved one, in appreciation of a fresh beginning for farewell. 

Pink Roses: A roses gift box of pink roses can be offered as a sign of admiration and gratitude. Pink roses signify femineity, sweetness, and elegance, and their different hues can represent different things. A light or pale pink represents grace and joy, while a dark or hot pink can be used as a mark of thanks or appreciation. 

Lavender Roses: These roses have specific connotations. A box for roses of lavender color denotes enchantment or love at first sight. A box of premium lavender roses can be used to convey romantic intentions after being overcome by feelings of affection.



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