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Box Of Roses To Enhance The Beauty And Impact Of Your Flower Gift
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Box Of Roses To Enhance The Beauty And Impact Of Your Flower Gift

Rather than spending money on an expensive bunch of cut roses that wither within two weeks, a box of roses having preserved roses would make a perfect choice as these can last anywhere from one year to three years. So, if you are looking for a statement that will last for months and years, gift a box of roses, it would be a good bet. Rose box also enhances the overall appeal of your flower gift, as you can add greenery, chocolates, stuffed toys, and more with your box of roses. 

Different rose colors have different meanings. Red roses are universally understood to signify love and passion. A deeper red rose symbolizes a deeper bond, while a box of roses in lighter red symbolizes desire. Pink roses are perfect to gift someone whom you appreciate the most, like your friends. These also represent femineity and elegance, which makes them perfect for events like engagement parties and baby showers. Gift a box of roses in peach color to someone to express sincerity and genuineness of your feelings. Peach roses can be used to celebrate work-related news, like a promotion or a business deal. 

Roses in different hues  

White roses signify purity and grace, and that’s perhaps the reason they are so popular wedding flowers as they symbolize love and eternal loyalty. White roses also represent fresh beginnings and a pure, clear path. Orange roses represent enthusiasm and energy, they are perfect to gift on promotions and starting new jobs. The bright hues and engaging tone of orange flowers motivate one to go into the world with a little more energy. These are great motivational flowers for starting something new. Purple roses are one of the rarest ones around, they symbolize enhancement and love at first sight. As purple roses are so hard to come by, back in the days, these are used by royalty, and still carry an air of regality. 

Preserved roses last for over a year 

Fresh-cut flowers require you to fill the vase with water, and despite all this, the bud and petals will fall off. On the other hand, round and square boxes of roses contain preserved roses that do not require any watering or plant food. Boxes not only make the person receiving the gift feel special but the gift becomes more manageable. A suede rose box collection can be placed on the dining table or office table, where it will become a focal point, and grab everyone’s attention. 


Significance of the number of roses 

The number of roses in the box of roses also has its own significance. Like, you can choose these number of roses in your box for roses from Fleurty Roses:


1 Rose: It signifies love at first sight.

2 Roses: You two are in deep love with each other

3 Roses: I Love You

4 Roses: Nothing will come between us

5 Roses: Show how much you care for your partner

9 Roses: A lifetime commitment 

10 Roses: You are perfect

11 Roses: You are my treasured one

12 Roses: Ask someone to be yours

24 Roses: I think of you all the time

25 Roses: Wishing you all the happiness in the world 

50 Roses: Unconditional Love

51 Roses: You are the only one in my mind

88 Roses: Asking for a big apology

99 Roses: Will love you till I die

100 Roses: A gesture of devotion



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